"You can be in the most advanced yoga pose, but still have the mind of a beginner"


One of the most common statements I hear from those hesitant to practice yoga is, "I'm not flexible enough!". Whenever I hear this, I always strive to remind them that this is exactly what yoga is for - to bring that flexibility into our life, and once we start the practice it helps us to maintain the flexibility. 


We sometimes shy away from the practice of yoga because we believe it will require us to perform the advanced yoga poses that we so often see online. Those poses are just a tiny fraction of what yoga can offer, and may or may not be something you want to pursue on your yoga journey. We could be comparing our practice to another then feel like we physically cannot reach what they are able to reach. Thise commonly results in not feeling good enough or not feeling like we are doing it right - resulting in dropping the practice.


What we don't see is, the person we've been comparing ourselves to, may be envious that you can carry a meditation practice so long because sitting still is the challenge for them.


Neither person is right or wrong, better than the other, or farther along on their path. We are simply where we are, and that's all. Our paths can change and it may look very different in 5 years. We know that in life each one of us are on a special, unique journey filled with memories and experiences that make up who we are. The same goes for our yoga experience.


You are uniquely you, and they are uniquely them.

Love you for exactly where you are today ♡


☀️ J