a full moon message


Self confidence has been a struggle for me (and I'm sure many can relate) for a very long time. It's said that we are our own worst critic, and for way too many years I had grown a talent for mentally ripping myself apart.


2016 started the long journey of getting out of this way of thinking - inner healing/confronting, constant reframing of the mind. Surrounding myself with new (and old) people who lifted me up, getting out of my hometown, and making conscious efforts to stay in the present. Yoga was always something that kept me going, but this time period of my life was definitely spent more as a student than a teacher.

A year in to this inner healing, I had finally reached a point of feeling confident in myself for the first time in a long time. A woman gave me words of wisdom that have stuck since, and wanted to share with you today:

"It's so great that you feel this, hold onto this. Because there may come a time in life again, where you may not be feeling as confident again as you do now. And I only say this so that during those moments when life happens, you're able to remember how you can pull yourself out of it and be you again. Life happens... we are human, we feel deeply, our bodies are always changing, we make mistakes, and we cannot control what others do or think. So when you're feeling low, don't judge yourself more for being there again. This is when you're needing that love from yourself that you're learning how to give. Just remember who you are and come back again."

She was right, confidence flows in and out like waves years later. As yoga teachers, too. We are human. But now it flows in so much easier than it used to. It's so important to not give up on yourself and remember how amazing you really are. Your opinion of yourself matters first. Don't let your heart be so heavy. Keep your light on ☀️


And love you, first!

💛 J