Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana
Color: Orange
Location:  Below the navel, ovaries, reproductive system, bladder, genitals
Element: Water (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer)


The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen, a couple inches below the navel and is associated with our feelings/emotions, sexuality, intimacy, openness to others and personal creativity.


If blocked or unbalanced, one can become anti-social, selfish, have issues involving sex, rarely feeling pleased, addictions, feeling overworked, jealousy, frigidity, bladder/kidney problems, infertility, and a stiff lower back.

If unblocked and running smoothly, one will feel open, healthy, creative, have a good frame of mind, able to feel pleased, energetic, open with own feelings without being over-emotional, and open to intimacy. Relationships with self and others can be greatly improved.

Below are some ways to help unblock and balance the sacral chakra with yoga postures, aromas, crystals, and items to set up on an altar for your practice or daily life.


Yoga Poses & Stretches:
• Goddess Pose
• Pelvic Rocks & side rolls
• Sphinx Pose
• Crocodile Pose
• Hero Pose
• Standing & Seated Forward Bends
• Spinal Twist
• Locust Pose
• Bow Pose


• Moonstone
• Gold Calcite
• Carnelian
• Coral


• Ylang-Ylang
• Sandalwood
• Damiana
• Gardenia


Items (for altar):
• Reflect items of water; shells, cups, chalice
• Reflect feelings or pleasures in art or sculpture
• Orange objects; orange cloth, orange candles
• Crystals and Aromas listed above


Additional Tips:

  • Paint
  • Dance
  • Massage or self massage
  • Self care rituals
  • Slower paced yoga
  • Examine environments - are we in abusive situations or toxic environments?