Slow Down

If you’re into astrology and have ever met an Aries, you may already know our biggest thing to work on is patience & to slow down 🙃

These two areas have showed up in my yoga practice various times over the years as challenges for me, even more so than all those arm balances. I’d be in a pose physically, but not in it mentally. My mind is already on the next 3 poses that I haven’t done yet.. “matter of fact, let’s speed up the seconds I’m in this pose now and just move on to the next”.


Physically, I could injure myself if I don’t slow down.

Mentally, I’m totally spacing out on my yoga practice.

Emotionally, I’m not flowing with the moments and am getting impatient because I’m just anticipating the next thing.

Then the next, then the next, then the next. We can easily apply this as a metaphor to life, too.

Some helpful tips for anyone else who may struggle with this too: 

  • It’s normal & I promise you’re not the only one
  • You are still a badass yogi (& person in general, yoga aside)
  • Some days are easier than others
  • These are moments that are challenging you to be present, to find things in this moment now to let your attention be focused on. Because this moment will be gone before you know it. 
  • Slow down, that pose or next thing will still be there 
  • Laugh about it, don’t judge yourself. You caught yourself doing it, now just pull yourself back!
  • Take a deep breath, re-center
  • Bring attention to what you’re hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling 
  • And begin again. You got this 💪🏻 


- J ☀️

P.s. How do you like this view from the kitchen patio? 😲🌵