Sanskrit: Vishuddha
Color: Blue, turqouise
Location: Thyroid, throat
Element: Ether


The Throat Chakra is located in the throat/thyroid gland and is associated with our communication, self expression, and independence.


If blocked or unbalanced, one can have repressed emotions, unable to speak up for oneself, when speaking- angry/stutters, censoring oneself for fear others won't approve, speech disorders, thyroid problems, asthma, stiff neck and shoulder pains, sore throat, and more.

If unblocked and running smoothly, one is able to express creativity without feeling judged, confident when speaking, able to communicate honestly, listen attentively, understand oneself, and communications in relationships improve.

Below are some ways to help unblock and balance the Throat Chakra with yoga postures, breathing techniques, aromas, crystals, and items to set up on an altar for your practice or daily life.


Yoga Postures/Stretches:
• Plough Pose
• Knees to chest
• Shoulderstand Pose
• Fish Pose
• Neck stretches


Breathing Exercises:
• Ujjayi
• Sitali


• Turquoise
• Aquamarine
• Blue Sapphire
• Chalcedony


• Eucalyptus
• Sage
• Frankincense
• Benzoin


Items (for altar):
• Turquoise or Light Blue objects;  cloth, candles
• Musical instruments; Tibetan Bells
• Pictures of whom one would like better communication with
• Write and place intentions


Additional Tips:

  • Singing
  • Calling a friend just to catch up, talk, connect
  • Mantras or words of affirmations
  • Neck stretches
  • Meditate on how you want life to be (what we speak into the universe matters, Law of Attraction/Manifestation)