Gates To Yoga  was established in 2013 with a goal to assist students on their yoga journey through various ways. Through Gates To Yoga, we hope to bring the same source of inspiration and self-love to our students that we received through our own teachers.

“My goal is to help students get started with the practice of yoga through simple, effective ways that I learned from all of the teachers that I trained under, the teacher that I found within myself, and the teachings that continuously come from my students.” 

- Jenny Gates, Owner of Gates To Yoga



Gates To Yoga was developed around four keys areas to act as a guide towards the connection with our inner self and improving our health and wellness:



Getting started with meditation and learning the various techniques. The online studio includes guided meditations, instructional breathing techniques, and meditative + relaxing yoga classes.



Getting started with physical yoga practices both in person and online. Learning what to expect, what style to choose from, and practicing on your own. The online studio includes yoga classes that require movement and a focus on the poses (asanas) in yoga.


This aspect goes deeper within to help shift our way of thinking to a more positive outlook. These classes revolve around expanding our mind through chakras, astrology, eight limbs of yoga, self love, discussions, and more.



Intuitive, insightful messages and guidance through oracle cards that can be purchased through a personal reading and/or view the readings that are included within the online yoga membership for the week or month ahead, often aligned with the moon cycles.


Whether you choose to sign up for our online yoga studio, receive a reading through our messages, or simply browse through our online content - we hope you enjoy being a part of our GTY community.


Namaste 🙏


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