Ranging from Donkey Yoga, Goat Yoga, Bunny Yoga, Outdoor Yoga, Reiki & Restorative & other yoga workshops - we love to be creative and embrace the connection with earth, animals, energy and ourselves. 

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Come join Jenny for hoppy hour & bunny yoga at Party at the Barn on July 20th at 6pm!

As you hold each pose, Jenny will make sure you get the chance to pet, play with, and admire the bouncy and curious, soft little balls of fluff running around you.

Take a step away from the stress and noise of daily life for a moment to breathe easy while in the company of bouncy bunnies. Petting bunnies, like petting other animals, has been proven to help reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety that many of us live with day-to-day. When combined with yoga, you’re sure to feel better.

Individual Adult: $45 for approx. 1 hour of yoga and 30 min of petting zoo after the class

Hand Feeding and Photo Opportunities:

$1 for a small cup of feed, $3 for a large cup

*Bring your own mat

*Rain or shine 



Outdoor Yoga *Free*


EssentialZen Yoga Studio

Specific Saturdays (Read Below)



Nothing says summer like practicing yoga outdoors!

Join the staff and community of EssentialZen at Veteran's Memorial Park (near the gazebo in Heinen's Parking lot in Aurora) for an all levels yoga class led by a different instructor each class/date.

This fresh-air-yoga class is designed to welcome the community, whether it is your first class ever or if you already have an established yoga practice. Veterans Memorial Park is beautiful and energetic with trees, grass, flags, ponds, and a memorial. Come to improve balance, expand breath, and leave feeling ready to enjoy the weekend ahead!  ☼

Kids and friendly dogs brighten the experience, bring them along!

All ages and all levels welcome - and always free.

*In case of inclement weather, class will be cancelled (or possibly held under the gazebo)


Props Needed: A yoga mat or large towel, and water if needed

Tentative Teaching Schedule: 

July 9th - Mary Spindler

July 23rd - Mary Basch

August 6th - Jenny Gates + Steve Turner (Live Music)

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Chakra Love

SHINE Light House in Kent, OH

August 15th, 2022

6pm - 7:45pm

Are you interested in learning what chakras are and which of your chakras may be blocked or unblocked? In this workshop, we will explore a deeper understanding of ourselves through the chakras and learn tips for how to unblock your chakras on your own – both on/off the mat.

What you can expect: This workshop is both educational and experiential based.  Your chakras will be tested, and results will be shared. Also included: oracle card pulling, guided meditations, relaxing poses, and healing touch.


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Heart Chakra Healing | Reiki & Restorative  


September 23rd, 2022


EssentialZen Yoga


A reiki and restorative class led by Jenny with a focus on the heart chakra. Make sure to bring a notebook and pen or pencil! 

This is a healing class that encourages the loving, nurturing energy within us to surface for improvement in the relationship we have with ourselves and with others.

When our heart chakra is over-active, we may be giving to the point of exhaustion or over-attachment. When the heart chakra is under-active/blocked, we may not be open to receiving the love that others wish to give us causing a disconnect and loneliness. This class will aim to understand what is going on with our heart, what has gone on, and encourage balancing of our Heart Chakra to get these energies running smoothly through reflective journaling and energy healing.

In addition, you can expect guided meditations, discussions, and oracle card pulling. You will be guided through a restorative yoga class with reiki energy while you are in the restorative poses, and vibrations of the chakra crystal sound bowls.


Reiki is an energy healing technique that helps to balance our chakras, reduce stress, promote relaxation and emotional/physical wellbeing. Reiki can be done hands-on or at a distance, whichever your preference.

Restorative yoga is a passive practice that utilizes props (blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, etc.) in poses for up to 5-10 minutes long to help our body and mind come to full relaxation.


This class is available for all skill-levels.

** We encourage you to bring your own eye pillow, blocks, bolsters, and blanket(s) but if needed you can borrow these items at the studio.

** What we’ll use:

1 yoga mat

1 bolster

2 blocks

2-3 yoga blankets

Pen and paper or journal

*optional: 1 eye pillow (or small towel/rag)

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Self Care Sunday's

EssentialZen Yoga

Every Sunday (unless a sub is needed)



Jenny teaches every Sunday at EssentialZen Yoga for a wellness yoga class with a twist. The first half of class will be a therapeutic-oriented style with gentle but effective exercises for the body. This includes stretching, strengthening, balance and focus.

The second half of class will move towards a passive, energy-healing practice in order to slow our mind and body down. The poses practiced will transition into restorative poses held for a longer amount of time for deep stretching supported by bolsters, blankets and blocks for comfort. Combined with restorative poses will include playing of the chakra crystal sound bowls, guided meditations, and/or receiving reiki healing energy.

A wellness class that works with both yin and yang energy within to leave class feeling balanced and relaxed, yet also strong.

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