Self Care with Jenny

The new Self Care classes extend further than traditional yoga and into various ways or techniques to practice self love and energy healing. This includes receiving a good workout, but is not limited to just that. 


Each class will be slightly different than the other and will contain at least one unique self care technique listed below. Check back for the release of new classes, or be the first to be notified of a new class within our newsletter.


Self Care Techniques:


Reiki Energy Healing

⟡ Introductions to Crystals 

⟡ Jin Shin Jyutsu

⟡ Self Massage

⟡ Reflective Journaling

⟡ Tarot + Oracle Messages

⟡ Thera Cane Massage

⟡ Herbal Tea (Symbolism + Benefits)

⟡ Dream Interpretations

⟡ Gardening: Herbs + Flowers (Symbolisms)

⟡ Lunar Love (Moon Cycles + Combining with Yoga)

⟡ Protection Tips

⟡ Astrology


Please note, you will need a membership with the Online Studio to view these classes.




Dream Interpretations

Video Length: 10 minutes

Self Care Technique: Internal Reflection & Self Awareness Through Dream Interpretation

Dreams Interpreted: Teeth falling out, someone chasing you, nudity, flying, falling, dogs, airport, attic, a baby, searching for someone, bridges

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Jin Shin Jyutsu

Video Length: 15 minutes

Self Care Technique: Jin Shin Jyutsu

Additional Self Care Technique: Distance Reiki

Animal Appearance: Sadie

Props Used: None

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Thera Cane Self Massage + Chair Yoga 

Video Length: 20 minutes

Self Care Technique: Thera Cane Self Massage/Trigger Point Pain Relief

Yoga Practice: Chair Yoga for the Upper Body & Lower Body

Animal Appearance: Turbo

Equipment: Thera Cane for the first half, a chair for the second half

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Tea Time Morning Practice

Video Length: 37 minutes 

Self Care Technique: Exploring the history of tea, what parts of the plants are used, and exploring 2 teas + their benefits physically & spiritually

Yoga Practice: Grounding poses with a mix of lower body strengthening + balance

Animal Appearances: Turbo & Mia

Props Used: None

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Evening Self Care Routine

Video Length: 31 minutes

Self Care Technique: Face Massage with Crystal Face Roller + Gua Sha

Yoga Practice: Gentle stretching while in bed, no props needed

Additional Energy Healing: Distance Reiki

Props Used: Crystal Face Roller, Gua Sha

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Full Moon Spring Equinox

Video Length: 45 Minutes

Self Care Technique: Oracle Card Reading + Black Obsidian Crystal Introduction

Yoga Practice: Core & Upper Body

Additional Energy Healing: Distance Reiki

Props Used: 1 Pillow

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