Self Care with Jenny

The new Self Care classes extend further than traditional yoga and into various ways or techniques to practice self love and energy healing. This includes receiving a good workout, but is not limited to just that. 


Each class is slightly different than the other and contains at least one unique self care technique listed below. 


Self Care Classes:

Reiki Energy Healing

⟡ Introductions to Crystals 

⟡ Jin Shin Jyutsu

⟡ Self Massage

⟡ Reflective Journaling

⟡ Tarot + Oracle Messages

⟡ Thera Cane Massage

⟡ Herbal Tea (Symbolism + Benefits)

⟡ Dream Interpretations

⟡ Gardening: Herbs + Flowers (Symbolisms)

⟡ Lunar Love (Moon Cycles + Combining with Yoga)

⟡ Protection Tips

⟡ Astrology


The Self Care Classes are included within the monthly membership. Click below to get started!


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