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The Three Keys to the Gates

Opening the Gates into the World of Yoga


Gates To Yoga was developed around three key areas to act as guides towards the connection with our inner self and improving our health and wellness. When you join our online studio, our classes include each of these keys:

Meditation 🗝

During the practice of meditation, we focus the mind which helps to relax the autonomic nervous system and muscle tension. Deep breathing alone helps to bring more oxygen to the brain, resulting in the ability to think more clearly.

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Movement 🗝

Practicing the physical postures used in yoga has many benefits, such as increasing strength and flexibility in the body. Yoga also helps to improve circulation, improve breathing, and relieve stress or anxiety.

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Mindset 🗝

Performing yoga asanas (poses) are important, but it's just as necessary to have mind + body connection. Without the connection, we are simply exercising. With connection of our mind, this is when we are practicing yoga.

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An addition to these keys are:

Messages 🗝

Intuitive, insightful, general messages and guidance through oracle cards for the week/month ahead and moon cycles.




What is Yoga?

Originating in India, yoga has been around for centuries. The practice of yoga is to connect the mind, body, and spirit through practices or disciplines intending to promote a healthier lifestyle and inner peace. Yoga is not just about practicing the poses we commonly see, but it is more of a lifestyle and a way of living.





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