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Yoga for the Upper Back + Posture
$7.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

A yoga practice un-cued and filmed at Jenny's family's home in North Hollywood, CA. Focused on the upper back and improving our posture to avoid the "hunchback" we commonly see. Great for those seeking to release tightness in the upper body with some hints of lower body stretching mixed in throughout. 

Search on Spotify app to browse through our playlists and choose the playlist of your desire while you practice with us in this video. Search: @gatestoyoga

Video length: 20 minutes

Gentle Vinyasa filmed in Sedona, AZ
$7.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

A Gentle Vinyasa practice filmed outdoors in Sedona, Arizona.

This practice will target our overall body - the legs, core, arms, hips, upper back and lower back with gentle strengthening mixed with stretches, all in one class. Take in the views of a sunny day in one of the most spiritual places in the U.S... Arizona.

For this practice (and any of our videos) you can browse through our Spotify playlists and choose to listen to any playlist of your choice: @gatestoyoga

Video length: 36 minutes

Yoga + Massage for the Feet
$7.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

In this practice we target the muscles of the calf, ankle and foot. All of these areas impact the other so it's good to give them each attention when looking to reduce pain or aches in the foot.

Many really don't like feet and refuse to touch their own, but it's so important to give our feet love and attention as they hold us up everyday and get us to where we need to go!

Even if you don't have problems with your feet, this is still such a great act of self care for your body. This even helps to strengthen the Root Chakra, and if you're into foot reflexology - MANY many more benefits in massaging & stretching the feet!

In this class you will learn how to massage your own feet at home and incorporate stretches of the lower leg and feet into your yoga practice.

Video length: 30 minutes


Wellness Yoga for New Moon in Leo | 8/8 Lion's Gate
$7.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

A wellness practice including a meditation for this lunar energy encouraging heart, solar plexus, and third eye chakra balancing incorporating a yoga bolster. Mindset is important right now - focus on what you want, not what you don't want! Access your confidence in pursuing your dreams, and reflect on where any limiting beliefs may be stemmed  from. A good time to release worries and cleanse our space.

Happy New Moon!

Video length: 1 hour

Outdoor Slow Vinyasa
$7.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

A Slow Vinyasa practice while outdoors in the backyard of Jenny's home (you will see her animals join her several times in this yoga practice!). This class aims to help stretch and strengthen our all-over body. We will target the terms, core, legs, hips, balance and more. You will guided through this practice with step-by-step guided voice-overs as well as written cues on the screen and gentle music played in the background. 

No matter what time of the year you take this class, this class will get you moving and submersed in the green imagery of summertime. 

Video length: Approximately 50 minutes

Yoga for the Upper Body filmed in Pennsylvania
$6.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

A quick gentle yoga riverside practice filmed in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Good for kayakers, rock climbers, and those with upper body tension in the wrists, shoulders, and upper back. This quick 10 minute practice can be good for a warm up or cool down before/after activities.

Take this class wherever you are in the world, at anytime. 

Video length: 10 minutes

Yoga + Massage for the Wrist
$6.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

The wrists are unfortunately often overlooked in yoga practices, but this video is dedicated to focusing solely on our wrists.

The forearms, wrists, palms and fingers are targeted with stretches, exercises and massages that can be incorporated in other yoga classes as well. 

Video length: 15 minutes

Chakra Journey Workshop
$20.00 7 Sections 8 Lessons

This journey is designed for diving deep into our chakras for emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

We learn all about how to work with and unblock each of these 7 chakras (on our own!) in several different ways. This journey is categorized to make it simpler for you to navigate, understand, and get started at your own pace.

Each class is set up step-by-step for you and focused/designed around each specific chakra:

  • Learn what these energy centers are within us and how they impact our lives
  • How to recognize if they are blocked/unblocked
  • Discover ways to heal and balance these chakras on AND off the mat
  • Go inwards with reflective questions of ourselves and our life through journaling
  • Guided meditations uniquely designed for each chakra
  • Physical yoga practices also designed for each chakra


In the beginning, we will release the content for a chakra each day - but afterwards, this journey can be done in 7 days, 7 weeks, or at your own pace/leisure.

When you purchase the Chakra Journey for a one time fee, you automatically receive free limited access to our Online Yoga Studio.

If you already have a membership with our studio, this will be an extra charge, but you will also receive lifetime access to this course regardless of keeping an online studio membership in the future.


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