Yoga + Massage for the Feet

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In this practice we target the muscles of the calf, ankle and foot. All of these areas impact the other so it's good to give them each attention when looking to reduce pain or aches in the foot.

Many really don't like feet and refuse to touch their own, but it's so important to give our feet love and attention as they hold us up everyday and get us to where we need to go!

Even if you don't have problems with your feet, this is still such a great act of self care for your body. This even helps to strengthen the Root Chakra, and if you're into foot reflexology - MANY many more benefits in massaging & stretching the feet!

In this class you will learn how to massage your own feet at home and incorporate stretches of the lower leg and feet into your yoga practice.

Video length: 30 minutes


Course Content

Yoga + Massage for the Feet

Yoga + Massage for the Feet