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Yoga Crow Pose

Crow Pose gets it’s name from the Sanskrit translation of “Baka” meaning Crane, and “Asana” meaning posture. Traditionally named Crane Pose, it is most commonly known as Crow Pose. Before attempting Crow, be sure to practice poses that will put a bit of pressure on your arms/wrists to help you build up the required strength and muscles needed to hold this posture.


Preparatory Poses:

* Planks, Side Planks

* Chatarunga Dandasana

* Downward-Facing Dog

* Sun Salutation Sequence (helps to awaken the hips as well)

* Wrist circles/stretches

If you have previous wrist injury or carpal tunnel, please proceed with caution or under supervision of an experienced licensed instructor. Do not perform if pregnant, and always go at your own pace!


Yoga Crow Pose


1) Begin in a squatting position with the inner part of feet about a few inches apart.

Tip: If you have a fear of falling forward - place a pillow in front of you.

2) Bring knees wider than your hips and slowly lean torso forward between inner thighs.

3) Stretch arms out in front and place hands onto the floor. Bring the upper back part of the arms against your shins and move knees close to your armpits.

4) Slide the upper arms down on the shins as low as possible, then begin to lean forward and come up onto your toes, simultaneously bringing weight onto the backs of your upper arms.

Tip: Some prefer lifting one foot at a time, with just the big toe of the opposite foot on the floor until they are comfortable in lifting both feet off

5) At this point all of your weight (torso, legs) are balancing on the backs of your upper arms with feet on or off the floor. Try to straightening the elbows as much as possible.

6) Make sure the inner knees are high up near the armpits and keep your tailbone tucked down, closer to your ankles. Leave neck in a neutral position for safety of the neck.

7) Hold for 8 slow breaths or longer, gradually increasing with time.

Tip: Remember, most will fall when first learning this pose! Try not to get angry or upset if having difficulty as this will make you fall out. Keep a calm, serene and focused mind and remember that it will come with patience and dedication. 

8) To release; on exhalation, slowly lower your feet to the floor and return to a squat. Gently move your wrists in circles to release the tension created from the pressure we just put on them.


Benefits of performing Crow Pose:

* Strengthens the arms and wrists

* Stretches the upper back

* Builds confidence, self awareness, and balance

* Improves coordination with a focused mindset




Have fun, and be safe!


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