Below are the postures practiced in yoga categorized by Seated Poses, Standing Poses, Arm Balances, Back bends, Inversions, and Forward Bends. Here we teach you step by step how to get into the poses as well as the benefits for each one.

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Seated Poses help to strengthen the core, muscles of our back, and upper thighs.  While releasing tension in our bodies, we can become more flexible with the stretching and strengthening of our hips, ankles, knees, and shoulders.


Standing Poses help to improve posture and alignment while strengthening the legs, thighs, core, glutes, and much more. These standing poses can also help to increase our balance, focus, and self awareness.

Arm Balances

Arm Balances help to develop strength in the arms and core, as well as increase our flexibility and focus. Please note that if you are a beginner to yoga, please always proceed with caution when attempting these poses.


Back bends have an incredible amount of benefits to the body and mind. Practicing the back bends used in yoga help to stretch and strengthen our backs and legs while relieving tension stored in these areas.


Inversions are good for the body in many ways including reducing anxiety and stress, improving health, increasing concentration and self-confidence. Inversions are when the heart is higher from the ground than the head.

Forward Bends

Forward Bends help to stretch the hamstrings, create length in the spine, as well as strengthen our leg muscles and knees. Practicing these poses, in most cases, relieve mild back pain and counteracts compression from back bends.